Tuesday, 27 September 2011


When I say it is hard, I don't mean that it is hard to keep loving you without seeing you, holding you, and kissing you. I mean that it is hard to go about my life always wishing you were here, or I was there, that it is sometimes hard for me not to just break down and cry from missing you.

"Nina hofu,

Mwenzangu uneniruka

Mimi na haya mazingira pia.” (I fear my love has gone away from me and from our world.) E.Hussein.


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  1. You're right, as usual.
    The hardest thing it isn't can't be able to free mind and soul from bad toughts or fears, the hardest tinhg is having on flesh, and bones, soul, heart, mind, sweet wishes that are hard to keep there without feeling the empty space you would fullfill of him and their smell, smile, taste, touch...so painfull that leads you to think that crying after a break down would be a relief....

    (estoy un poco oxidada, pero apelo a tu comprensión!)

    Amar o vivir duele, a veces, pero sin ese dolor, no conoceríamos su contrario.

    Ánimo bonita,